Doc Rivers Provides Clippers With Championship Pedigree

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The Clippers and Celtics exchanged PR blows over the last two weeks involving trade rumors with both Kevin Garnett and coach Doc Rivers, and only one was able to come out victorious.

The NBA disallowed the trade that would have sent DeAndre Jordan and two future 1st round picks to the Celtics for Garnett and Rivers.  The reason behind that blocked trade is quite simple really; you can't trade for a coach and player at the same juncture because it is perceived to be related to one another and that is against NBA policy.

Blog Photo - Doc Rivers Provides Clippers With Championship PedigreeHowever, after the Clippers apparently had begun talking 'financial figures' with both Brian Shaw and Byron Scott, the Celtics finally caved and the Clippers handed the C's a 2015 unconditional 1st rounder for the rights to the final three years and $21 million remaining on Coach Rivers' contract. 

Now the Clippers have their championship caliber coach. One who proudly dons a 2008 championship ring on his finger when his team downed the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games. Rivers demands respect from around the league, and it is easy to see why Chris Paul wanted him in LA.

Rivers began coaching the Orlando Magic in 1999 when they traded for both Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill.  Hill, as most remember, did not play very often because he was typically under the knife for one malady or another. McGrady had yet to scratch the surface of his scoring potential until he paired with Rivers. Now we all remember Tracy for the prolific scorer he once was with Orlando (under Doc) and later in Houston. 

Blake Griffin will tremendously benefit from the positive reinforcement as well as disciplined coaching he will receive from Doc, because without a consistent Griffin, this team will not have the same chance at success. But that's why Rivers is here. He's here to bring that next stage of ridding the Clippers of their former selves. Changing the culture. 

Rivers is very fond of the Clippers' prized possession, Eric Bledsoe, and why wouldn't he be? The dude plays hard on both ends of the floor and makes opponents scratch their heads, wondering how to defend him. Pairing him in the same back-court with CP3 would make for a very potent attack offensively and defensively. 

Donald Sterling apparently does not want to be remembered for his frugality, but rather for a team that he built to rival their co-tenants at Staples Center. 

No one knows if this move will lead to future trades with the Celtics, or if the NBA would even allow that, but one thing is for sure; the Clippers just got a whole lot better without adding any players. Doc is now the top coach in Los Angeles, and that's a step leap in the right direction. 
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