Does Boxing, Greco Roman Wrestling, and Traditional martial arts (Kung Fu and Karate) have a future in MMA

11/24/10 in MMA   |   YungSpringfield   |   24 respect

As years go on we watch Mixed Martial Arts turn from a baby into a toddler and now we are going to expience it going in to its teen years.  Ever since this we have watched fighters fighting with one fighting style into fighters fighting with multiple styles. But we have yet to see fighters fighting with certain styles that i think will be interseting like Kung fu or Pankration. It's a little wierd because Pankration is basically the blueprints for mixed martial arts except people would fight to the death and never give up on in fight there was no such thing as tapout basically. It's not that long ago that Pankration style fighting resurrected from the ashes became a part of martial arts history once again. Another style of fighting we never see in any MMA organization is Kung Fu. Kung Fu is possibly the most famous of all martial arts because of all the movie attention it gets. The reason why i wanna see it is because it's a dope martial art and i know Wing Chun Kung Fu can do some damage to another fighter when used. I know these fighting styles will become a part of mixed martial arts and soon.
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5/20/11   |   namvet6963113   |   21 respect

That's why it's MMA,it all of the arts put together.