Does Dalton and Green chemistry really matter?

10/10/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

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Even though Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green put up a performance worth of noting at Chicago, Soldier Field he was not enthusiastic about it.
"It's not a great game, man," he said in the visitor’s locker room. "Not when I had a hand in a turnover and a dropped pass and coming out with a loss. I don't care about my stats. I'm going to have my stats regardless.
Green isn’t a bad player. It is just that he has set the bar too high for himself when the season is still young. He has been unable to touch the performance he put up four games ago which has led many to speculate if he is good enough for the Bengals or the teamwork between him and quarterback Andy Dalton is having problems.
There is no doubt that Green has potential and can be honed to become a great wide receiver. So it comes down to the teamwork between him and the quarterback. Their combination has proven to be quite successful but when looking at the loss to Cleveland Browns two weeks ago, it becomes evident what went wrong in the match.
The team continuously failed to complete drives and passes were very inaccurate. Green was frustrated to say the least. When Dalton was asked if he and Green were having problems with teamwork, he denied it.
"Teams are playing him differently, so we've got to find different ways [to get him the ball]. A lot of teams have been trying to take away some of the deeper throws with him,” he said. We've got to take our chances with some of these other guys, though. He's not the only guy who can go deep for us. We've got other guys that can make plays. Teams are going to play him differently just because he's so good at what he does." 
Dalton’s statement has to be reviewed when analyzing deep plays. Teams are using their cornerbacks to stop him in the scrimmage line and disabling him from any chances of going downfield easy and are also deploying safeties to shut him down.
But statistically, he is still scoring as he used to on balls at 10 yards or over.    
Any predictions about the strategy are subject to change with the alterations in offense Bengals make. But offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and quarterback Andy Dalton agree that the Bengals should make plays that are less risky that incorporate more of the team. So it just seems that the team is revamping its tactics and Green is still in the radar and will be used extensively in the future.
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