Does Ray Gricar's disappearance point to Penn State cover up?

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Like many of you, I cannot seem to get the Penn State story out of my mind. It is terrible what happened to the victims, and even more terrible that no one stepped up to stop this from happening. In the coming weeks, I have a feeling that we are going to find out much more about the case, which may become more and more disturbing. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but there are many facts that indicate a possibly cover-up by Penn State.

Ongoing investigation since 1998:

There has been an ongoing investigation since 1998 that has failed to make headlines until this year. First, there is the fact that Mike McQueary witnessed a rape in 2002 and allegedly went to Joe Paterno who then went to school officials. The biggest complaint is that Joe Paterno, McQueary, and the school officials failed to alert police about the situation. If you are familiar with Penn State and the area, you know that Penn State has its own city in Pennsylvania called University Park. The University Park Police are employed by Penn State, which would make it much easier to cover up than if the police were employed by the state. Let’s just assume for a minute that Joe Paterno went to higher officials or the police, it would be much easier to keep the police quiet because they are employees of Penn State.


Ray Gricar goes missing

When the District Attorney Ray Gricar went missing, it was a shock to many. Now that the Sandusky case has evolved, many are raising eyebrows at the curious case of Ray Gricar. Why? Ray Gricar, for whatever reason, decided not to prosecute Sandusky in 1998 after charges were first brought up. Even more interesting, it appears that Sandusky is not the only one from Penn State that Gricar chose not to prosecute. In 2004 he chose not to charge Scott Paxson, a star defensive tackle accused of raping a woman at his campus apartment.


When Gricar went missing, his cell phone was found inside his car, but his wallet, keys and laptop were missing. Three months later his laptop was found in a river without the hard drive. Police discovered that Gricar used his home computer to research “how to wreck a hard drive” and “how to fry a hard drive.”

Another interesting note: Gricar was pronounced dead this past summer, months before the Sandusky scandal hit headlines.

Theory 1: Gricar’s disappearance had nothing to do with Sandusky and is just a coincidence

Theory 2: Recent reports indicate that the Sandusky scandal goes further than Sandusky himself. Allegedly, the Second Mile, Sandusky’s foundation, doubled as sex trafficking for rich donors. Gricar was very rich and somehow involved.

Theory 3: Gricar did not have enough evidence in 1998 and continued to build a case. By 2005, he had a solid case built and Penn State caught wind that he would soon prosecute Sandusky, casting a dark cloud over Penn State’s prestigious program. Penn State either paid Gricar to disappear, or used one of the many “means” that inhabits the Penn State area to take care of Gricar.


What do you think?

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Theory 4. Hoping one of these kids source offed the dude for covering up and stalling. Dexter justice. Maybe Dexter has some other plans. agency escorts nyc

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jc1979252018 wrote:
Stab .. mental illness is hereditary just like other health problems that you want to believe whacked out internet conspiracy theories means you suffer from mental illness as well

 mental illness is hereditary is an excuse used by people to provide a reason why they do stupid and immoral things.  And people commit suicide who do not have mental illness...HELLO!

11/17/11   |   jc1979252018

jc1979252018 wrote:
 None of these conspiracy theories is true.

Gricar committed suicide like his brother did in 1996 for reasons completely unrelated to Penn State

Stab .. mental illness is hereditary just like other health problems that you want to believe whacked out internet conspiracy theories means you suffer from mental illness as well

11/17/11   |   hansenrj

 Up to this point all these theories are hearsay, but then again thus is the luxury of the court of public opinion.  The most probable theory is that Gricar was murdered by someone he tried, that is, someone other than Sandusky or a person connected with Sandusky.  He was a District Attorney, so he probably had many enemies.  Not buying the "suicide is in his genes because his brother committed" argument either though.  Plus, who commits suicide with no indication, and then decides to make sure no one finds the body.  That's beyond reasonableness.  And how does he hide his own body so well when he's already dead.  Hoping he has no connection with the Second Mile prostituting of young children, as that is both disgusting and opens a whole new can of worms.  If true, he would have reason to flee the country and the resources to make it all go away (Penn State Football).

Either way, the whole thing reeks of suspicion, and points to a person or establishment with the resources and clout to execute a mafia style whack.  The "how to destroy a hardrive" search seems very deliberate.  Wouldn't a lawyer, a person of intelligence, know how to destroy a hard drive anyway.  Or wouldn't he know that such searches can be later found on his home computer.  It then feels like someone else performed the search as a diversion.  Or the cops are in kahoots, and are lying.  I don't fucking know, and the more I think the more I want to vomit over this whole thing.
The fact that Happy Valley is such an incestous and insulated place really kills all hope for truth on this one.  

11/16/11   |   StabmasterArson21   |   1 respect

jc1979252018 wrote:
 None of these conspiracy theories is true.

Gricar committed suicide like his brother did in 1996 for reasons completely unrelated to Penn State

 Because of why, jc?  Surely you don't believe that suicide is hereditary trait, lol?  He gave his GF no inclination as far as being depressed so I'm afraid that theory might be thrown out there to throw people off the trail of what really happened.  The dude is either hiding cause he knows too much or got whacked.

11/16/11   |   jc1979252018

 None of these conspiracy theories is true.

Gricar committed suicide like his brother did in 1996 for reasons completely unrelated to Penn State

11/16/11   |   CJ1978   |   1 respect

Simply too coincental of a connection between Gricar and Penn state coverup. Theory 3 Did he disappear on purpose because he felt safer as a missing person? Did Gricar actually do the search on his home computer regarding destroying a hard drive or did someone else complete the search on his computer to throw people off. Powerful people were protecting the Penn state program, hopefully they did not protect the program at all costs.

11/15/11   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

1) I don't understand why you felt you had to re-hash this a week later after already making a post.

2) If you keep up posts like these, I can see a TMZ sports or whatever tabloid sports career there is out there in your future.

3) If you want to run either theory 2 or theory 3 by Ray Gricar's family spokesman (I'm sure he's heard them both before...many times and can help you out), you can catch him on twitter at @RayGricar or email him at rgreward(at)yahoo.

11/14/11   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

Mob yo

11/14/11   |   StabmasterArson21   |   1 respect

You are absolutely correct, Gricar is somehow connected.  When I first learned that he was missing and likely dead and the other details (about the laptop and hard disc) I thought he was somehow coerced to drop the charges by someone over his head, i.e. someone powerful politically.  

I never thought that perhaps Gricar is (if still in this realm) / was a freak along the likes of Sandusky.  I kind of doubt he was...he had a girlfriend that he was very close to but that doesn't mean he wasn't a ped.  I think he was just a pawn in all of this.  

How did he become rich?  Not sure why the guy would want to be a D.A. if he didn't need the salary, not that district attorneys make a lot of money.  Unless he really loved the law and wanted to persecute a-holes like Sandusky.

What if this thing goes all the way to PSU boosters, that some of them found out that this thing could blow up after the 1998 incident and that Gricar knew too much and put a hit on him?  Or, as news reports seem to want us to lead (read: propaganda) that he made himself disappear because he feared someone was going to whack him?

Truth really is sometimes stranger than fiction...

11/14/11   |   elcafe   |   2 respect

  Theory 4. Hoping one of these kids parents offed the dude for covering up and stalling. Dexter justice. Maybe Dexter has some other plans.

11/14/11   |   beerstudk   |   1538 respect

Shouldn't Big Foot and UFO's factor into this somehow?

I think it's either #2, in that Gricar was a pediphile... not that PSU had an underground NAMBLA, or that Sandusky "took care" of Gricar himself.

11/14/11   |   lagabbergirl   |   1 respect

I just want to throw up over this.  Gricar was probably a pediphile too, hence the disappearance of his hard drive.  I'm with #2, but #3 may be the result of his disappearance unless he cashed out and moved to Indonesia where all the old disgusting geezers go to get their pediphilic fix.