Dolphins Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall ready for action

Henne and Marshall finally click

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According to reports, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and receiver Brandon Marshall had a chat before Sunday’s scrimmage so that the two players could get along. Later they also combined for three TDs.
Critics complain that there was no reason to chant for Kyle Orton and Brett Favre last Sunday. They also said that they saw no reason as to why the Dolphins fan base was booing quarterback Chad Henne during practice, around a week ago.

In spite of all this, the Dolphins gave an outstanding performance under hazy conditions at the team’s facility. Henne was impressive, showing hope that hardware was in sight just before the scrimmage, 5 days before Miami’s first preseason game.


Henne’s chemistry with wide receiver Brandon Marshall will be essential for victory. If the duo manage to play as a team then chances of triumph increase tenfold. In a recent press release Henne commented on the topic saying, “It’s really the very first day we connected pretty well. The previous practices, we weren’t on the same page. We talked before practice, we communicated and we got it done.”


The duo set off the crowed with a 29-yard touchdown pass to the corner of the end zone. Marshall was present at the spot to make a slick grab with cornerback Sean Smith in tight coverage. Then as Marshall made a touchdown he had his fans ecstatically celebrating.


The very next day, Henne and Marshall practiced again which resulted in Henne’s 9-yard rocket to Marshal who was streaking across the back of the end zone. When the day ended there was enough proof to suggest Henne and Marshall could work together brilliantly and 4 completions alongside 3 touchdowns were proof of that.


Marshall failed to appear in the post match press release as a club official informed, “Marshall came out to play.” He continued, “It’s all about how the offense is using him. They’re putting him in different spots now. So he’s able to use his mitts and his size against small defenders to make plays.”


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The Dolphins will be back Brighter then Ever in 2011..