Dolphins coach Tony Sparano asks his players to pick up pace

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The Miami Dolphins will return to the Sun Life Stadium this Sunday to host the Denver Broncos. After plummeting to 0-5 this season, head coach Tony Sparano knows that the match with the Broncos (1-4) is a golden opportunity to break their losing streak.

Sparano has blamed travelling on the road as one of the reasons for Dolphins poor form. After playing the first two games of the season at home, the Dolphins packed their bags to play out of town for the next four weeks. Sparano declares that Lady Luck has been very unkind to them this season. In his pre match press conference, Sparano said that bad luck had dogged them around.

Although, the Dolphins have succumbed to injury problems and a turbulent schedule, all cannot be blamed on the Gods of Fate. Sparano also knows that his defensive lines have been utterly woeful. The last match against the New York Jets was proof of that.

Sparano brought a change of tactics in the match, hoping to change the outcome of the game. Well, the results worked but not in his favor. Dolphins’ defensive lines performed even more miserably as the Jets obliterated them to 24-6.

Apart from a few players on the team, Dolphins have been hapless this season. Sparano chose Matt Moore as the quarterback for the last game and although he passed for 204 yards and was assisted by 71 rushing yards by Reggie Bush rushed for 71 yards and 109 receiving yards by Brandon Marshall no one else came to his help.

Dolphins defensive lines are yet to record a sack this season. They are probably ranked lowest in all of the NFL teams. Sparano admits his defensive lines have not been up to mark. Sparano also admitted that they had failed to provide turnovers this season.

On the issue he stated, “The only way you address it is you obviously…it’s like the pitcher pitching a no hitter, nobody kind of wants to talk about it too much. So the more you talk about it I think the worse it is to be honest with you. We coach it out there. We coach ball disruption. We coach strip circuits, those type of circuits. Turnover circuits, turnover stations, we finish every ball that’s on the ground in practice with some type of scoop and score from a defensive standpoint. And then offensively, ball security drills, I mean all those things, gauntlets, ball security drills, any kind of way that you can think of the ball getting punched out we try to address it that way. But obviously game speed, practice speed is a little bit different.”

Sparano also asked his players to pick up the axe and get ready for a comeback. Sparano confessed that there was a lot of work to be done and his men needed to realize that.

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