Dolphins franchise looking to hire ex-Miami Dade County mayor Alex Penelas to secure tax funded stadium

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsEx-Miami Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas has been approached by the Miami Dolphins to assist them as the team owner Stephen Ross tries again to get a stadium funded with the help of tax money.

Although Penelas has been approached by the Dolphins, the deal has yet to be finalized. Rumors say the deal would put him in a very important spot from which he would be responsible for handling the Dolphins matters with the government, other teams and the general public. Other rumors suggest that this deal with the Dolphins to help with the tax funded stadium is just another contract he will undertake.

Both the former Dade County mayor and the Dolphins franchise have made no statements about the deal being negotiated between them. But a source from within the franchise has said Penelas and the franchise CEO Tom Garfinkle have had a meeting which went very well and showed future between them.

The source said “Tom has met with him, enjoyed that meeting and is developing a relationship with him.”
The offer being negotiated between the two shows that the Ney York billionaire and owner of Dolphins is still optimistic that the tax funded stadium can be achieved and hiring a person like Penelas indicates at the strategy being adopted to handle the government issues and public image.

The former CEO of the franchise Mike Dee did not succeed last year to make the stadium happen, although Penelas was present them. But his role was limited and now he gets a much bigger part to play in making this happen.

The plan was scrapped in the Florida House and Dee resigned when he failed to win funds for a $350 million renovation. The Dolphins owner Ross is now at daggers with three Miami Hispanic Republicans who had a major part in scrapping the stadium plan; namely Michael Bileca, Carlos Trujillo and Jose Felix Diaz. He is now funding money to campaigns to get rid of them.

Although the Dolphins themselves don’t have high hopes for the stadium plans for now because the House Speaker is Will Weatherwood, a staunch oppose of the stadium plan, Ross remains persistent and optimistic. He has announced that he will renegotiate the offer to make it even better and more acceptable if there is a bid to talk terms.
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