Dolphins’ new cult figure Matt Moore can steal the QB spot Henne

10/27/11 in NFL   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

This Sunday will be another test for the Miami Dolphins, who are still search for their first win of the season. NFL heavyweights, New York Giants will be hosting the Dolphins at the MetLife Stadium. Dolphins had an opportunity to beat the Denver Broncos last week but a superb comeback by Tim Tebow and Co. saw Dolphins lose an 11-point lead in the 4th quarter and leaving the final score at 18-15.

Fans and media have been ruthless in criticizing Dolphins’ head coach Tony Sparano for his futile efforts. Dolphins’ defensive line is also under heavy fire for their reckless performance. Quarterback, Matt Moore, who has come into replace Chad Henne expressed that the Dolphins were under immense pressure. Moore has stepped into Henne’s boots after Henne’s underwent a season ending surgery.

Dolphins are experiencing a severe injury crisis this season. Dolphins have been unable to field a full squad so far. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been regularly visiting the medical team due to his nagging ankle injury. Running back Daniel Thomas is on rest yet again after he pulled a hamstring injury. Moreover, running back Reggie Bush has just arrived back from his long term injury.

Moore’s passing abilities have been impressive this season. As a matter of fact, it is Moore’s passing ability that has been covering for the setbacks and mistakes Dolphins’ defensive lines are making. Dolphins’ defense is ranked the lowest in the league. Dolphins’ defense has been unable to record a single sack this season. Their turnover ratio has also been very poor.

In spite of this, Dolphin’s offensive line has been successful under Moore’s leadership. Analysts have noticed that Moore’s chemistry has been increasing with his team. Moore even included tight end Anthony Fasano in the play last week.

On the issue Moore commented, “Yeah, it’s big. And you’re absolutely right, like you said not too many balls there way. It was not only good to score a touchdown, but get to those guys as well. And show some love to those guys in a way. Not only that, just spread the ball around is a big thing. And it’s a tough spot the tight ends have to do so many things. To get them the ball and score and do those kinds of things would be good. So we need to keep doing that.”

The 27-year-old, former Carolina Panthers QB, Moore is showing signs to become a promising quarterback for the Dolphins. If Moore is able to land Dolphins a win with his good form then, he has a good chance of stealing the no.1 spot from Henne.

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10/30/11   |   Mark_Guerrero   |   91 respect

Matt moore stats: 59 completion% 1td 3ints 3fumbles and a 67qb rating. Why on earth would you waste so much time writing a idiotic and false blog!? Epic fail

10/30/11   |   Mark_Guerrero   |   91 respect

Dumbest thing I've ever read. Mat Moore has a "chance" to take the number 1 spot from a player who's out for the season!?...,you don't say!!!! Hennes contract is up and won't even be back next year either SMH