Dolphins owner set to meet Jonathan Martin personally and hear his side of the story

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsEveryone by now knows the deal about Martin-Incognito bullying case. In case no, in a nutshell Miami Dolphins wide receiver Richie Incognito used racial slurs and death threats to abuse Martin and shake money out of him, Martin got fed up, left team, issue went viral and Incognito got suspended.
Now the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants to personally see Martin on Wednesday and hear his side of the story from his own mouth. This will be the first time that anyone from the team comes forward to contact him. It has been two weeks since he quit the team amid the bullying scandal.
"I'm not going to deal with speculation. I'm going to meet with Jonathan Martin face-to-face, see what he has to say and deal with it from there,'' Ross said. "I want to hear all the facts.''
Ross also formally announced putting together a committee which would analyze what was wrong with the work atmosphere of the team and ways to solve the problem. The team would be constituted of people from both the NFL and outside it so they could see any problem from any direction. They would also be responsible to set down some rules to avoid these cases in the future. Some of the people joining the committee will be Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, ex-head coach Tony Dungy, Hall of Fame coach Don Shula, Dan Marino and Jason Taylor who are ex-Dolphin stars. Together the former players and coaches will look and see what went wrong this time and how to prevent it.
Ross admitted that he has not visited the team on a daily basis starting from the moment the situation exploded, he has been in contact with both the coaching staff and other league members and was updated on the ongoing situation. Even though head coach Joe Philbin and general manager Jeff Ireland have been criticized for failure to contain the situation, Ross said he respected them both and still trusted them with their duties.
"We haven't wanted to rush to judgment. We wanted to let the facts come in,'' Ross said. "We care about Jonathan Martin. Everybody in the Miami Dolphins organization cares about the people in the organization.''
When Ross was asked how he felt about the things Martin underwent at the hands of fellow players,he said it was simply horrible to comprehend what he had suffered.
"I was appalled. I think anybody would be appalled ... To me, I didn't realize that people could talk, text and email each other in that way.''
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