Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin walked away due to bullying

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe NFL is currently investigating whether Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin left the team due to bullying by guard Richie Incognito. Earlier Sunday, the Dolphins issued a statement that dismissed reports of bullying by Incognito as "speculation." Hours later, the team issued another release saying they "are taking these allegations very seriously." That was followed a few hours later by an announcement of Incognito's suspension.
On Sunday the team had made a statement that the bullying controversy was nothing more than a rumour. Following a few hours, they said that the situation was being dealt with seriously. And then, Incognito was suspended for an undisclosed time.
There were rumours that the league had acquired a copy of a verbally abusive voice message received by Martin from someone later recognized as Incognito. It was confirmed by a source who was close to the case but could not give a name.
The investigations have revealed that Martin was being harassed by Incognito to give money. On one instance, he demanded that Martin pay $15,000 for a trip to Las Vegas. It also surfaced that the veteran players of the team had forced the rookies to pay for a lavish $30,000 meal. Martin was being harassed till the time he quit the team.
Even so, rookies paying bills for seasoned players is a common practice in the NFL. Jaguars Jacksonville tackle Tony Boselli agreed, saying it was something of a tradition.
"When I was playing, the rookies were always responsible to bring doughnuts every Saturday, or provide the sunflower seeds," he said. "Then at the end of the year, we'd all go out to dinner and the rookies all had to split it. But it was all in fun.”
"There are certain rookies you can be harder on and have more fun with, because they have thick skin and they just kind of rolled with it. And then there were other guys that you knew you had to stop it,” he continued.
“We don't need to push this thing too far because it's obviously going to affect him differently. It's kind of the leader's job to do that. But the racial stuff? There's no place for that. No place at all."
The investigation of workplace environment was asked for by the owner of Dolphins Stephen Ross himself. This all leads to the important question whether the Miami Dolphins were aware of this escalating situation and what they did to resolve it, if anything. If it turns out that there were more than a few players involved in this situation, things could take a bad turn for the Dolphins franchise.
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