Dominique Easley turning towards NFL, Gators defense to fill gap

9/30/13 in NCAAF   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

Unlucky defensive tackle Dominique Easley happened to spend his last day with the Florida Gators in their Final practice. Head coach Will Muschamp confirmed the rumors, officially stating that the defensive tackle had sustained a torn ACL on Tuesday.
Regarding his future, Muschamp said “I think that's the best move for him right now and going to prepare himself for April and get ready for that. He and I talked briefly about it and that's what he wants to do. I support it 100 percent."
He started his season with style, showing his talent in the first three games. He quickly earned his way up the draft board and was soon predicted to be a first round selection. But now his history of injuries may put his performance under scrutiny and he will have to shine more brightly to cover up for his proneness to injuries.
Coach Muschamp was optimistic that he would not have problem getting drafted. "He'll have plenty of interest. He'll be a productive guy on the next level. He's a really good football player,” he said with surety. “He's extremely intelligent. He gets the game. His tape speaks for itself and how he plays the game and approaches the game.”
Although the Gators are at No.18 overall, they boast one of the best defense of the SEC. now they will have to sideline Easley for the remaining season. Easley’s absence will be felt the coming match against Arkansas when both teams will collide and decide on brute force who will win. 
The Razorbacks coach Bret Bielema was firm in the offseason that he wanted the team to be able to execute running plays as he had trained them to be. "I want to bring a style to Arkansas where you feel us play on Saturday and then Sunday — and then still on Monday and Tuesday," he said.
The Razorbacks are second in the SEC for rushing, summing 237 yards a game and have the third position in possession, at 33:38.
When asked whether the Gators were looking to replace Easley, Muschamp said "Dominique is not a guy you are going to replace. His production will be missed as we rotate through the year. But collectively as a unit, those guys are capable of playing very well and that's what we expect. We're not going to have a drop-off”
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