Don Mattingly slams Dodgers organization while sitting next to Ned Colletti

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October 16, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly (8) watches game action during the sixth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals in game five of the National League Championship Series baseball game at Dodger Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY SportsDon Mattingly has had a rough season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not only does the team have a new ownership group, but they were also riddled with injuries all year long. During their rocky start, Mattingly came under a ton of fire from fans, the media, and the front office was starting to feel the heat.

The team’s manager has an option to stay with the organization for one more season, but during a press conference on Monday, he let it be known that he wasn’t very happy with the way things were panning out. Once he started talking, it was almost like he didn’t want to stop, and he kept spilling the beans on how he really feels. No sugar coating.

“My option vested once we beat Atlanta. That doesn’t mean I’ll be back. It’s been a frustrating, tough year honestly. Because I think when you … come in basically as a lame duck and with the ($230-million) payroll and the guys that you have, it puts you in a tough spot in the clubhouse.

So we dealt with that all year long, and really what it does, it puts me in a spot where everything I do is questioned. Because I’m basically trying out, auditioning to say, `Can you manage a team or not manage?’ It’s a tough spot. To me it gets to that point where, three years in you either know or you don’t…

When you’re put in this position, the organization basically says, `We don’t know if you can manage or not.’ That’s the position I’ve been in all year long. So that’s not a great position for me as a manager. That’s the way the organization wanted it last year. That’s fine. At this point it is, what it is.”

As of right now, Mattingly is the manager of the Dodgers, so Ned Colletti did what he could to ease the obvious hard feelings, saying, “I have tremendous confidence and faith in this guy.” He also added, “It’s going to be resolved very quickly.”

Mattingly had some final thoughts about the situation too:

“Yeah, I love it here. I’ve always said that. I like being here, but I don’t want to be anywhere you’re not wanted... I don’t know how everybody feels. I know where I am. The confidence in myself to do a good job. If people don’t feel the same way, then it’s the way it is.”

The Dodgers also have to renegotiate another important contract over the off-season and that’s Clayton Kershaw’s.

As of now, Mattingly is home in Indiana, likely waiting to hear from the team.

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