Donald Sterling hires Maxwell Blecher, says NO to NBA Sanctions

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Blog Photo - Donald Sterling hires Maxwell Blecher, says NO to NBA SanctionsFirst it was Shelly Sterling who announced that she was going to sue for full ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. 

Now Donald Sterling has hired anti-trust lawyer, Maxwell Blecher, and vows to fight.

While no documents have been filed as of this moment by either Sterling, both look to be coming out fighting.  Blecher has presented a letter of intent, assuring the world that his client will not be paying the $2.5 million fine, and will be doing everything in his power to have the order banning him from the NBA for life set aside.

Mrs. Sterling, with her attorney, has indicated that she is going to be using the law to obtain full ownership of the Clippers.  The NBA is reportedly set to order Mr. Sterling to sell his percentage of the team.  Some say Sterling should just sell the team and be done.  After all, he would definitely make a pretty penny, as would his estranged wife.  Just about every person with the money to do so has offered to buy the team.  The players on the team undoubtedly wouldn't shed too many tears should he sell.  The NBA would just be happy to see both of the Sterlings disappear from the league forever.

The NBA most certainly doesn't want to go to any court with either of the Sterlings.  While Sterling's opinions and hole digging are the latest and most offensive of recent diatribes, other owners of the NBA aren't exactly Mary Poppins.  There have been prostitution rumors, subprime mortgage schemes, and more.  The NBA doesn't want to be put into the position of having to prove what Sterling did was worse.

The Sterlings could end up filing documents in court at the same time.  Problem is, they just may end up doing the other more harm.  In fact, could they end up actually fighting each other?  Could this just be another divorce of sorts?  There are rumors that the divorce is nearly final.  Perhaps they are making this personal?
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