Donovan Decides the World Has Gone on Long Enough Without Him Playing

3/28/13 in Soccer   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

That's right.    His royal highness Landon Donovan has deeded he now has "the itch" to play again.  He will soon be rejoining his club team the LA Galaxy and will also attempt to prove to Jurgen Klinsmann he is ready to go for the US National team.  Klinsmann has been publicly critical of Donovan's "hiatus".  So it may take some work for him to let him back on the squad.  Personally, I was wishing the team would do just fine without Donovan.  As great as he has been for the game over the last 13 years I have grown tired of his act ever since he joined the Galaxy.  I will own up to the fact that part of that is me being a disgruntled Earthquakes fan.  Who felt he should have returned to his former team after his 2nd straight failed attempt to play in Europe.  But a bigger part of that is his refusal to play in the higher caliber leagues of Europe.  Yes, he did have one mildly successful stint with Everton.  But that has been it.  In my humble opinion, he really needed to play there nearly full time.  He was successful and comfortable in MLS and didn't want to leave.  I get it.  But he wasn't going to get much better playing in MLS.  It's like a player in AAA refusing to make the jump to the Majors because the majors were too hard!  He would have helped US Soccer more by getting better and thus making the USMNT better.  Instead, he opted to stick with the level he was good at. 

It has always been difficult to cheer for him when he donned the Red White and Blue.  But it will be very easy to not do it when his Galaxy take on the Quakes at Stanford Stadium in June. 
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