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One-Hit Wonders

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Regardless if you roll up the car windows and "Take on Me" with Ah-Ha, or you "Whip It" with DEVO on your run to the gym, every person has a guilty pleasure for the one-hit wonder. Mix in a beer, or six, and even the muscle-bound guy will bite the bottom lip and nod his head in rhythm as Toni Basil lets us know how fine Mickey really is.

Such as life, baseball also lends its' brilliance to pop culture, and, where there was once Kevin Bacon shaking and getting footloose, R.A Dickey now has the knuckle ball-dance getting hitters loose in the foot - A true one-hit wonder, back-to-back. Right Said Fred should be so jealous. But, R.A looks to be on the right track and pitching with the confidence it takes to be successful, repeatedly. The game, and teams, will always applaud a master of the one-hitter and rarely wonder about it.  However, familiar traits of the flash-in-the-pan category, destined for real one-hit wonders, have surfaced on the MLB play-list, and may have ball clubs wishing they didn't put so much faith and cash into the song, without listening to the entire album, first.
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Unless there is a reason of nostalgia, or you have to because these guys are family, don't expect a repeat of success from this crew - They are all VH-1 bound, if that station still exists. 

1.) Bobby Valentine - True, Youkilis should be traded, and the Daniel Bard experiment was disastrous; The Red Sox have injury problems, and they play in the most difficult division. All of these excuses are valid, but they are still excuses, and, Boston does not do excuses. Especially now that they have had success and also felt the embarrassment of last years implosion. But, the grass is always greener, or so the Sox thought. How is Terry Francona looking now? Still happy to have Bobby Valenitne? No need to answer, we already know, Dustin Pedroia gave it to us. Bobby V is a great baseball mind, and even did a decent job as an analyst. But, that does not mean he is, or was, the right fit for the Red Sox future. Valentine possesses the A-personality that works well on camera, but not in the dugout. His biggest coaching hit came back in the early 2000's with the Mets, where his disguises and antics worked, sort of. Rick Reed, a pitcher during Valentines tenure in New York told me he was sort of a "jackass" and players like Piazza and Franco ran the squad, not Valentine. It shouldn't be a surprise, backed with Reed's sentiment, when you see the current situation. The Red Sox don't respect him, and they are not hiding it. From the dugout romance and well-received love Francona got last weekend while covering a Sox game, to the media slaps given from the players, the obvious "brown shoes" in a tuxedo world is Valentine. I wouldn't find it necessary to declare "no confidence" until the end of the season, but it needs to be done. The song is old and overplayed in Valentine's case. Push eject and get something new.
Jun 2, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine (25) before their game against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

2.) Manny Ramirez - Stop before you even start. I know what this guy has done. The amazement every fan got watching him swing a bat happened to me multiple times when he was at Cleveland, and even out here in Los Angeles. He was a true talent, and definitely a player to mimic when showing what "hand speed" can do in the terms of hitting. But, this is all in the past, exactly where Manny should be left. The song and dance that he attempts to spoon-feed the MLB faithful, currently, is played-out and doesn't deserve the typewriter ink it is getting. Manny being Manny is long over, and the proof is in the alphabet pudding - Even the A's didn't have room for him, and that's the A's!! If he was worth it, you make the room. You trade, switch, shift, scratch and sniff...whatever! There is always room for talent, and talent is what he doesn't have anymore. His career was one of the best, and also tainted with multiple "juicings" - like many others - and that is that. It's the same lyrics, now with  a gospel feel. Sell it, and look for a more honest, hard working fellow. Let Manny be Manny by himself.
Mar. 19, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Oakland Athletics designated hitter Manny Ramirez prior to the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks during a spring training game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

3.)The guy who thinks the Clemens verdict is ground breaking - Somewhere, O.J had a laugh with this guy. Whoever you are, don't expect too many followers to join your Twitter "tweets" or watch your Face book status updates like a starving dog watches a steak. I wrote on this deal when the trial first took place (it's called Clemens-cy. Check it out) and I hoped more would follow the thought process taken. It doesn't matter that Clemens was found "not guilty" of all charges. The judicial system has gotten many people, who were extremely guilty, off the hook, and will continue to do so, forever! The law of steroid-lure will never truly be solved as long as the geeks in suits, representing a more corrupt outfit like the judicial system, are in charge of the decisions. It will take retired players from the steroid-era and beyond to come out, admit to the issue, and look for a way to resolve it. Roger Clemens didn't take steroids the same way Palmeiro didnt, McGwire didn't, Rodriguez didn't and the  Giambi's didn't. The decision made in the Clemens case was nothing more than good lawyers finding good loop-holes and water in the prosecution's case. It was about mis-recollection and hearsay, not about Clemens using steroids, or why he used them. Even though this song just came out, don't expect it to last though the summer. 
Nov 14, 2009; Waco, TX, USA; Texas Longhorns fan Roger Clemens watches a game against the Baylor Bears in the first quarter at Floyd Casey Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Video killed the radio star....steroids killed the MLB star.

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