Don't Ever Wait for the Next One

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In the Spring of 1978, my beloved Irish qualified for the Final Four while I was in my second year at Notre Dame.


You need to understand that I am not the typical Domer--I grew up loving basketball even more than I loved football.


My father--a fellow Domer--wanted to go to the Final Four.  I had things I wanted to do that Spring Break, so I told him that there was no need to rush things....he & I would go the next time we made it to the Final Four.  With Digger's leadership...and Tripucka's talent...well a dynasty was assured.


My Dad passed away eight years ago this April.


Don't ever wait for the "next" one.

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4/5/08   |   SOS

Sometimes the decisions we make arent wrong just aren't the ones we wish we would have made