Don't Look Back

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There's no point in getting upset over it.  The Baylor Bears just had a bad night on offense last night.  They just picked a really bad night for that to happen because I was on the OVER with them, and there's really nothing much more to say about it.  The kid from Wisconsin did have those 6 blocks, but other than that, the Bears were getting nothing but clean looks at the basket.  The shots just weren't going down for them.  Life goes on.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (2-3 ATS & SU/0-5 TOTALS last night and 20-13/23-10/15-18 so far for the week)
It's all about The Madness tonight.  No other games from any of the other tournaments are on the schedule.

BUTTA  (0-1 last night and 3-2 so far for the week)
Louisville (-190) over Kentucky - Nothing like a blood feud rivalry in the Sweet 16, huh?  These 2 teams hate each other, and this rivalry in hoops is every bit as intense as Alabama/Auburn, Michigan St./Ohio St. or any other rivalry in college football.  Kentucky beat The Ville in the regular season, but that was a long time ago.  The Cardinals are the better team, and I see them getting the last laugh after tonight.
UConn 74 Michigan St. 71
Iowa St. (-1 1/2, O148) 86 Virginia (+2, O128) 74
Tennessee (+2 1/2, O136 1/2) 72 Kentucky (+4 1/2, U139) 57
Michigan 69 Louisville 60

---I wonder when the last time was that a #1 seed was an underdog in a regional game?  I honestly don't remember it happening, but that's what we've got with Virginia tonight.

THE NBA  (3-1 ATS & SU/ 2-2 TOTALS last night and 18-17/22-23/16-19 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (no play last night and 1-2 so far for the week)
1.  RAPTORS (-550) over Celtics and PELICANS (-260) over Jazz - The Dinos look like an easy pick tonight as they close out a protracted home and home with the Celts, but (-9 1/2) is as good as laying doubles, and I won't do that.  The Pels are a feisty bunch and still playing hard, and they get a Jazz team that, for some reason, looks totally lost when they're on the road.  Once again, though, laying (-6) with a young squad like the Pels is just something I can't bring myself to do.
2.  BULLS (-200) over Blazers - Portland has got to be a very tired team.  This will be their 4th game in 5 nights and 5th in 7, and against the Bulls, it will be like a steel cage death match.  While the Blazers might run a little hot early just on pure adrenaline, I expect Chicago to grind on them and wear them down to get a close win in the end.
Bobcats   95 Celtics   86
MAGIC (+4 1/2, O192 12) 103 RAPTORS (-9 1/2, U194 1/2) 105
Pacers   89 Cavs   97
WIZARDS (+1 1/2, U187 1/2)   96 NETS (-8 1/2, O195 1/2) 106
Heat   87 Blazers   83
PISTONS (+6, U202 1/2)   96 BULLS (-4 1/2, U188 1/2)   93
Lakers 109 Jazz   96
WOLVES (-11, O225) 126 PELICANS (-6 1/2, O195) 111
Kings   92 Spurs 119
THUNDER (-12, O190 1/2) 117 NUGGETS (+7 1/2, O215 1/2) 116
Knicks (+6, O207 1/2) 115 Grizzlies   89
SUNS 109 WARRIORS (-2, U187 1/2)   92

---I don't want to dismiss the Magic out of hand for tonight's game.  Sure, it's been a bad year for Orlando, but they're still playing hard, and they can be a handful at home.  Charlotte certainly looks like the better squad, but the 'Cats have had some major difficulties on the road this season.
---Letdown time for the Pacers.  They survived the big game against the Heat on Wednesday night, and this is a situation where they could easily give the advantage gained from that win right back as they have to hit the road against a very dangerous Wiz.
---I'll tell you that I'm not buying the Knicks beating the Suns tonight like my projection says.  They might be able to keep it within the number, but the way the teams at the bottom of the eastern playoff bracket are going, it's a mess. 

It looks like we're actually going to have a spring like weekend here in God's Country.  It's been much anticipated, and the best part?  All we have to do is make it through this weekend, and baseball will start for real on the other side of it.  Fantastic!  Have a great Friday night.  Be careful out there, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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