Donte' Stallworth Has An Alien Alter Ego, Is Also Insane

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Donte' Stallworth has pretty much been the forgotten wide receiver in New England's passing game this year. One could blame that on the fact that he has to play with Randy Moss and Wes Welker, or one could blame it on the fact that he has an alien alter ego.

Um, what?

Yes, Stallworth apparently has an alien alter ego, who unfortunately is not named Ozmodiar. His name is Nicco.

I'm not making this up. In a Monday article for the Standard-Times newspaper, Stallworth was talking about the play in Saturday's game where he got caught from behind by Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis. The conversation is innocent enough, until out of nowhere, Stallworth takes a bizarre turn.

But no one was harder on Stallworth than himself.

Immediately after Mathis made the tackle, Stallworth pounded the ground and then started punching his legs as if they were defective.


Stallworth said that was punishment from his alter ego, Nicco, whom Stallworth has described as an extra terrestrial being that resides on Mars when the receiver is off the field.

"Yeah, that was him," Stallworth said. "That wasn't me."
I have no clue what to make of this, since it appears to be genuine, and not a joke.

I also have a feeling I know why Stallworth believes he has an alien alter ego.

Yep, now everything makes a lot more sense.
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1/16/08   |   Seth   |   301 respect

Maybe Stallworth is friends with Ryan Freel. Although Farney seems like more fun to hang out with than Nicco