Dorell Wright - Andrew Bynum is the Best Center in the NBA

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Blog Photo - Dorell Wright - Andrew Bynum is the Best Center in the NBA
Newly acquired Sixer, Dorell Wright, is obviously going to say that fellow teammate - Andrew Bynum - is the best big man in the league.  The future play of Bynum has an immediate impact on Wright's future contract.  The better Bynum is down low, the better Wright will be from the outside. 

The reason why Wright is so high on Bynum, however, is because “he’s going to need two defenders to stop him," Wright says.  "I would say he’s the best big man in the NBA right now, hands down.  He’s a guy that can give you baskets with his back to the basket; a guy who makes free throws at 7-feet. You’ve just got to respect him.”
Howard is also coming off of major back surgery, but for Wright, that's not the difference maker at all.  When asked why?  He said, “It’s because I know he can put his back to the basket and give us a basket and request a double team and make free throws.  It’s his all-around game. Hopefully he can stay healthy and we can ride, he can put us on his back and he can take us as far as we can go.”
While Dwight Howard has been the most dominant big man in the league defensively, his offensive woes - particularly from the free throw line - have made him somewhat of an offensive liability.  And with Bynum as the franchise star in Philadelphia, don't be surprised if Bynum puts up much better numbers than Dwight Howard on the star crowded Lakers.  
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Maybe Bynum will get UN-lazy in the East.  We'll see.  He was a disconnected train wreck in LA.  I said ditch him after he clothes-lined Barea in the playoffs.  He is a child.