Doug Collins to Resign

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Blog Photo - Doug Collins to Resign
According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, “Collins, 62, has one year left on a four-year deal, but has told management he won’t return to the job. Collins’ possible return to the franchise in another role – perhaps in the front office – hasn’t been ruled out, a source said.  Ownership wanted him to return for the final season of a contract that would’ve paid him $4.5 million, one source said, but Collins informed owner Josh Harris of his decision to leave in recent days.”
Doug Collins has a history of short-term stints with NBA teams, quickly burning bridges almost everywhere he goes.  However, this time, it is Collins who is willingly firing himself with the Sixers.  After signing Kwame Brown to an unnecessary contract, playing Nikola Vucevic only 3 minutes in the playoffs last year, and then trading away Vucevic and Iguodala for a big man (Andrew Bynum) that may never play for the Sixers, Doug Collins has faced all of the scrutiny and criticism that he can handle.   
With the Sixers out of the playoffs and the roster full of questions, Collins is leaving a trail of fire behind him once again.
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