Doug Glanville compares New York Yankees to Brokeback Mountain

I don't think Doug Glanville knows what Brokeback Mountain is about

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Blog Photo - Doug Glanville compares New York Yankees to Brokeback MountainYesterday, Doug Glanville was calling the Yankees-Cardinals spring training game, and made an extremely unusual observation about the Yankees.

This joke has been made before (many times), in a homophobic attempt to ridicule the Yankees back when the movie first came out. In fact, the movie cover was photoshopped by just about everyone, and damn near every team in sports was targeted at one point or another.

But Glanville wasn't joking.

He was just confused.

"I mean, they have basically Brokeback Mountain over here. Everyone is hurt in some form or fashion."

So the Yankees are a bunch of gay cowboys? Not likely.

We've already discussed their ridiculous injury problem, as well as some of their harebrained schemes to try to fill their depleted lineup with someone who might be able to win them a couple games and fill some seats.

Just a suggestion for Mr. Glanville: You might want to make sure you've seen the movie you're referencing before you make a comparison.

Here's the video, in case you missed it:

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