Dragic: Eric Bledsoe is a "mini LeBron James"

8/27/13 in NBA   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe is listed at 6'1'', 195 pounds. Miami Heat forward LeBron James is listed at a monstrous 6'8'', 250 pounds. These two players may be significantly separated in size, but Bledsoe's teammate Goran Dragic feels that, pound for pound, the two players are comparable.

Blog Photo - Dragic: Eric Bledsoe is a "mini LeBron James""He's a mini LeBron James," Dragic said of his new backcourt companion. "He's got that big strength so when he's in the open court, he's unstoppable. Like a lot of fans know, I like to play fast basketball. When I get the ball to the other guy, he's going to run. We're going to score a lot of points."

Anyone who watched Bledsoe during his time as Chris Paul's backup in Los Angeles knows that the Suns have a dangerous transition weapon on their hands. Bledsoe's play may not warrant the "freight train" analogy commonly used to explain LeBron's game, but perhaps Bledsoe is more of a Ducati. Sure, a freight train is more powerful, but you still don't want to be standing in front of a full-speed Ducati, and you sure as hell won't find any success in chasing after one.

Bledsoe is obviously no LeBron James, but the comparison speaks to how the Suns will play this year - fast. The starting backcourt of Bledsoe and Dragic may be undersized, but what they lack in that department they will attempt to make up for by flying up and down the court and tiring out the opposition. The uptempo style should result in a lot of fantasy production among Suns players, and Bledsoe - who has never played more than 22.7 minutes per game in a season - is a near lock to post career-highs across the board.

The Suns may not be very good this year, but with "mini LeBron James" on their side, they should at least be entertaining.
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