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Just because Russell Westbrook says he's fashionable, doesn't mean you have to

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Maybe you haven't read the story in the New York Times that came out on Wednesday.
But just wait until basketball season. You'll certainly see the result of it.
Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook, a part-time malcontent and full-time wannabe trend setter, was featured by the newspaper about his appearance and more at New York City's Fashion Week and he undoubtedly has acquired some new threads, tips and ideas for the upcoming year.
Feb. 10, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA: Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook against the Phoenix Suns at the US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY SportsAnd while Westbrook wasn't healthy enough to play in the 2nd-round playoff series the Thunder ultimately went on to lose against Memphis, the good news is that his knee apparently does just fine on the red carpet.
Last week, Westbrook went to New York and stepped up his fashion persona, but we need to take a step back.
Let's make a pledge – starting now – to not be surprised with anything Westbrook does, at least off the court this season.
No more commenting on his two-sizes too small golf polos with fishing hooks. No more clogging up the Twittersphere about his sleeveless denim shirts. His lenseless glasses aren't worth mentioning any more, either. We're better than that.
And we should give it a rest. It's played out. Unless Westbrook comes into the interview room wearing cut-off jean shorts and a sailor hat, no one is allowed to comment.
No one is hearing saying Westbrook doesn't look good or isn't being creative, but just because he calls it fashionable, doesn't mean we need to reac with the same kind of shock and amazement we do when he breaks down the defense and knocks down a jumper.
Westbrook is an extreme talent who plays with a style no one else in the league can duplicate. Apparently he's trying to do the same thing with his wardrobe. And on the court, Westbrook makes it look easy, so why does it look like he's trying too hard once the game is over.
Hey, anyone can attend a fashion show and call themselves the next Ralph Lauren.
But not everyone has to notice.
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