Drew Brees strikes comparison between WDMs and NFLís bounty accusations

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Although many doubted that the NFL would cough up the evidence for the bounty scandal against the four suspended players; the NFL already gave the players a glimpse of Monday’s evidence on Friday. Still the Monday’s hearing did not go down smoothly, with New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma walking away and the three remaining suspended players collectively declared that they had been “grossly misrepresented to the public.” New Orleans Saints and defensive end Will Smith, Green Bay Packers defensive end Anthony Hargrove, and Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita even asserted the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tried to “punish us and disparage our characters based on semantics, not facts.”
The NFL could predict the suspended players attempt to portray themselves as victims, thus the league took 12 sports reporters after the hearing to see the evidence. Even though the ledger was not provided, what has been gathered thus far from a 200 page document of evidence suggest the New Orleans Saints were involved in some suspicious activities.
New Orleans Saints franchised quarterback Drew Brees may have differences with the franchise’s executive-level over his contract negotiations, but he found this a prime opportunity to display his support for current and former teammates. Thus, Drew Brees strongly refused to believe NFL’s evidence against the four suspended players.
“If NFL fans were told there were ‘weapons of mass destruction’ enough times, they’d believe it,” tweeted Drew Brees. “But what happens when you don’t find any????”
Now, although it is distasteful to compare a misguided war with the football, what Drew Brees is trying to get across is that despite a lack of evidence an authoritative administration is imposing major punishments on its players.
The Bush Administration’s Iraq war supported by the American public against Sadam Hussein who was accused of harboring WMDs led to no evidence, and that probably where Drew Brees is pointing at in NFL’s bounty case against the four suspended players. Although no figure has been publically bought to with regards to money changing hand within the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees forgets NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell just needs a hint of such a program’s existence.
However, NFL’s evidence does not implicate any of the four players, and though there may exist a ‘pay-per-performance” system, it still gives no grounds for a ‘bounty program.’ According to SI.com’s Peter King: “"In fact, the [Saints safety Roma] Harper claim was the only one the league showed that resulted in a payout to a player for knocking a player out of a game.” He argues that the NFL is only interested in gathering evidence that “money was offered to try to take opponents out of the game -- not that players were actually taken out of the game." Scott Fujita had already caught on with this predicament after Monday’s hearing.
"I have yet to see anything that implicates me in some pay-to-injure scheme…And perhaps that's because there is nothing that can implicate me in some pay-to-injure scheme,” maintained Scott Fujita.
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