Drew Gooden urges fans to dump Bulls jerseys in toilet

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Milwaukee Buck forward Drew Gooden and Chicago Bulls center Joakrim Noah have been getting some fun out of pulling each other’s leg on twitter all week. However, Drew Gooden took things up a notch (all in the name of some good fun) by offering fans game tickets for throwing a Chicago Bulls jersey down the toilet.
It all started on Sunday, when Drew Gooden was in Chicago with the Milwaukee Bucks to face the Bulls Monday night tweeted out: "Just made it to Chicago. Bulls tomorrow payback's a b----.'' 
His long-time close friend and former teammate for two seasons with the Chicago Bulls, Joakrim Noah fired back: "Quit clownin and eat your food goodybagz.''
With the ball back in his court, Drew Gooden responded equally good-humoredly: “Heard you eating @PGChangs tonight. Don't get the chopsticks tangled in your wig.''
Joakrim Noah also tweeted Sunday, while pointing out a popular Chicago restaurant: "U dont want twitter war Goody. Word on street is ur minglin around Mastros. I'll send Bulls fans to come tie you up.”
With the Milwaukee Bucks facing the Chicago Bulls in their second straight game on Monday, its easy to assume there could be a serious showdown between Drew Gooden and Jaokrim Noah. But Noah differs on the subject, that the Twitter war wasn’t really his scheme.
 “What’s the story behind that? He wants a Twitter war so I gave him a Twitter war,’’ Noah explained later.
For all it appears, Drew Gooden too was just trying to pump-up some excitement in the air ahead tonight’s game, though his methods may be controversial. Drew Gooden eventually decided to hold a Twitter contest for fans, asking them to send him pictures with Chicago Bulls’ jersey’s down the toilet. The prize – tonight’s game tickets.
"First person that can twit pic me a Chicago Bulls jersey in the toilet will get my tickets for tonight's game," Drew Gooden posted on Twitter.
Well’ what do you think? The fans responded and Drew Gooden’s Twitter account was bombarded with pictures of Chicago Bulls jerseys soaking in the toilet, although the tickets costs just $4.50 at Stub/hub. You ask why the madness then? It’s all about blending in with the crowd and proving loyalties.
 Drew Gooden eventually found his winner in @Kruppsanity, who sent a picture of a Kirk Hinrich jersey drenched in toilet water. Kirk Hinrich and Drew Gooden were teammates at Kansas and sharing a spot on the Chicago Bulls roster between 2007 and 2008.
"Hated for it to be Kirk's jersey but oh well," Drew Gooden wrote on Twitter after announcing Zack Krupp as the winner.
In the end, Drew Gooden honored his promise too as he put two tickets under Zack Krupp's name for the game. 
“They're in the ticket box right there if you want to get them on tape,'' Drew Gooden tweeted.
Was Joakrim Noah offended by Drew Gooden’s Twitter contest, especially after he played 46 games as a Chicago Bulls player? Wrong. Again Joakrim Noah showed great spirit and took it all in fun.
“Nah, I love that guy, man. That’s my guy,’’ Joakrim Noah said of Gooden, while both of them will remain inactive through the game. “That’s my best friend, man. Yeah, my best friend.’’
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