Ducks Fire Randy Caryle Hire Bruce Boudreau

Bruce Boudreau Doesn't Stay Unemployed Long; Former Caps Coach Hired by Ducks

12/1/11 in NHL   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Bruce Boudreau won't be collecting any unemployment checks. The former Washington Capitols coach, who was fired on Monday, was out a job for all of two days before being swept up by the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks fired coach Randy Carlyle late Wednesday night and Boudreau will take the helm.

Carlyle won the 2007 Stanley Cup as the Ducks coach, but after limping to a 7-13-4 start this season, general manager Bob Murray felt a change was necessary. 

Boudreau had tremendous regular season success in Washington but could never get the Caps over the hump in the playoffs. After jumping out to a 7-0 start this season the team slumped in recent weeks, leading to his dismissal.

It will be interesting to see how the Ducks players respond to Boudreau, who is known as a gregarious man, as opposed to Carlyle who was sometimes seen as stiff.

Boudreau's first game as Ducks' coach will be Friday night versus Philadelphia.  
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12/1/11   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Heard this on my little hick town news this morning.  I can't wait to see how this all works out.  Sucks that I have to work Friday night and might miss the game.  I think the players will do just fine with Boudreau.

Wonder where Carlyle will end up?

12/1/11   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

I find this curious.  It's almost like the Ducks waited until they felt a decent candidate became available.  Personally, I would have gone with Maurice than Boudreau among the recently canned coaches.  But then, I'm not a GM.