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Duke Blue Devils star player, Austin Rivers leaving to try his luck in the Big leagues.

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The latest reports are coming in that Austin Rivers is leaving College basketball and is planning to move into the NBA.
It seems that the appeal of big cash contracts and the added fame of the big leagues has caught up to Austin Rivers and he is about to move out of the NCAA Basketball.
CBS Sports Jeff Goodman reported that Austin Rivers, the standout player from the Duke Blue Devils is planning to sign with an agent and then enter the NBA Draft and will be ending his current college program which has only been going on for a year.
Numerous reports are filtering in that Austin Rivers is going to be the lottery pick of the coming draft and it is expected that Austin Rivers is going to sign a big money contract for a player in his category.
Austin Rivers is an exceptionally talented player, there is no question about that and it will be interesting to watch Austin Rivers grow into a formidable player while playing in the big leagues. Austin Rivers is averaging 3.4 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 15.5 points per game right now and that is an amazing feat for any freshman, so right now Austin Rivers is really sizing up to his formidable reputation.
Austin Rivers was put under immense pressure, as it comes with every player that steps onto the basketball court with wearing the Duke Blue Devils color and with the added task of leading such an amazing team in College football.
A point in play that really stand out for Austin Rivers  was on the 8th of February, when he scored the winning shot in a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels which is a hated rival of the Duke Blue Devils.
Austin Rivers already has such an iconic moment in college football under his belt and with such high statistics it would only have been shocking if the player had decided to stay more than a year at the college level of play.
Still Austin Rivers is still struggling with some major issues on the court as he has a lot shot consistency and that will play a major role in his future NBA career.
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