Duke-UNC game postponed due to weather

Tonight's Duke-UNC showdown postponed to next week due to "snow chaos"

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Blog Photo - Duke-UNC game postponed due to weatherSo much for your date tonight with Jabari Parker. Anyone who set aside their Wednesday night to watch college basketball's best ongoing rivalry, you are going to have to settle for Syrcause vs Pitt, "American Idol" or else more Olympics. Duke and the University of North Carolina will not be playing tonight, with the game postponed because of the winter storm barreling through the Southeast US. The game will be played next Thursday, February 20.

Duke officials projected the 11-mile bus ride between the two campuses would take four hours to complete. Four hours each way.

So Wednesday night's Duke-UNC basketball game has been postponed, according to CBS Sports. "Duke's bus is not able to get to their campus to pick up the team in time to be able to make the trip to Chapel Hill so we can't play this evening," UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham told the network. "The safety of the teams and officials is the number one priority and this was the best decision to make at this time. Coach Williams, Coach Krzyzewski, [Duke AD] Kevin White and I will be on the phone with the ACC and make a decision as to when to play the game as soon as possible."

Blog Photo - Duke-UNC game postponed due to weatherHow bad is the weather in North Carolina? What you see at right is an image tweeted by Greensboro News & Record reporter Mark Thompson. "People are abandoning cars on 54 about 2.5 miles from Smith Center," he wrote.

"Stay home, if you can," the North Carolina's Department of Public Safety said on Twitter. "Road conditions are treacherous; you are better off staying where you are in a safe place than getting on the road."

The tip-off time of the Duke-UNC make-up game next Thursday has not been announced. Nor has television coverage been announced -- ESPN had set Michigan State vs Purdue as next Thursday's game of the night.
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