Dumbass Of The Week - May 26, 2008 - TBNL Show

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Nominations for Dumbass Of The Week

  1. Construction worker Gino Castignoli Did stadium worker bury more Red Sox gear?
  2. Bears RB Cedric Benson Apparently he was busy BEFORE the boating incident
  3. Mets manager Willie Randolph Played race card, then tried to take it back
  4. Former USC SG OJ Mayo Denied any wrongdoing, yet fires much debated agent
  5. Former NFL G Rich Tylski Admitted to beating adopted daughter, along with his wife

Honorable Mentions: FSU WR Preston Parker, Dolphins LB Joey Porter


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By the way, for anyone who listens to this week's show, I have had a cold for the last week...  I'm sure you will be able to tell by my voice...  I didn't talk a lot on this week's show because of that.  I kept having to mute the mic because I kept going into coughing fits.    Hopefully next week I won't be sick anymore so I can talk a lot more.  I think our intro parody is absolutely hilarious this week!  Check it out!

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5/27/08   |   Flousc

My vote goes to Willie Randolph. More for sucking though.