Durant Bests Bron

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LeBron James showed once again why he is the most talented player in the game.  Whether it was guarding Kendrick Perkins on the post or guarding Russell Westbrook on the perimeter, LeBron displayed his versatility by guarding all five positions and scoring on all five positions.  LeBron did everything that he could to help his team to a victory.
Unfortunately, his team looked like they were coming off a back-to-back.
Battier, Haslem, Chalmers, Bosh, Miller, and Anthony only combined for 11 points in the second half, after scoring 34 points in the first half.  In fact, they only scored a total of 40 points in the second half, while Durant and Westbrook alone scored 41 points in the second half. 
Simply put, the Thunder should not be this good, this early.  But they are.
Despite making his first Finals appearance, Kevin Durant didn’t look phased at all.  It was just another game of basketball.  No matter who he was going up against, even if it was LeBron James.  Durant took the game over by scoring 17 points in the 4th quarter, finishing with 36 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists; making everyone rethink their MVP vote for LeBron James.
Runner-ups to the MVP are 2-9 against the regular season MVP in the NBA Finals.  The irony is that LeBron James is now 2-9 in the NBA Finals as well.  From this vantage point, neither has the advantage.
However, while Lebron may have gotten the regular season MVP award, something tells me that KD will be just fine getting the Finals MVP.
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Durant versus James is obviously the marquee matchup but IMO, the matchup that decides this series is Westbrook versus Wade.  Westbrook showed up in crunch time, Wade did not.  Thunder take a 1-0 series lead.

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Durant BESTS EVERYONE...lets not single out one person