Dusty Baker Joining Little League World Series, Can't Wait to Hear What He Says About Pitch Counts

8/21/07 in LLWS   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

This should be fun; Inside the Bay Area is confirming that Dusty Baker is set to join the LLWS broadcast team today for a 5pm game with Gary Thorne and Orel Hershiser. Baker will then join Brent Musberger for the US championship and World Series final over the weekend.

Dusty has been an unintentional comedy machine throughout his first year with ESPN, but this week should provide for many laughs. Most notably, I look forward to Baker's comments on the newly imposed pitch count rules. A set of guidelines that, in a round about way, were likely created as a result of the increased arm injuries in MLB ... and I think we know who played a significant role.

Dusty joins little league team (Inside the Bay Area)
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