Dwight Howard Left The Game With An Aggravated Shoulder

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Dwight Howard left the Lakers game against the Grizzlies on Wednesday night in the first half with what was diagnosed as an aggravated shoulder. (It's rumored that he originally hurt it while he was walking around the locker room, showing his stats sheet to everyone. Okay, maybe that's not true.)

He'll be reevaluated when the Lakers get back to LA on Thursday.

Ironically, Howard had said before the game that tonight was officially the start of the season, contrary to what Coach Mike D'Antoni said about the Lakers' season restarting a short while ago. However, the Howard injury tonight puts him right back where he was towards the beginning of the actual real season.

Before he went out, the Lakers were losing by 11 points, and ended up losing the game with Pau Gasol playing center. Previously when Pau played Howard's spot against the Raptors, he scored 25 points in 33 minutes. Some people were led to believe that in the absence of Howard, Gasol could return to his old self. However, against the Grizzlies, Pau played center for the second half, totaling 31 minutes and scoring only 13 points.

Hopefully nothing is seriously wrong with Howard, and he'll be back in the lineup soon. An even bigger thing to hope for is that he starts showing heart and acting like he really wants to win, because the Lakers lack a lot of that right now.
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Guess he wants to rest a few games now. The Lakers looked bad last night.. what to do.. oh what to do...