Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant Frustrated With Losses

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Blog Photo - Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant Frustrated With Losses
After losing 95-86 against the Utah Jazz, the Los Angeles Lakers are now 1-4.  The Lakers have started out of the gates slowly before, but not when four out of the five starters are future Hall of Famers.  So, you can understand why Kobe Bryant, in particular, has been such a sore loser. 
"Sometimes I think as a team, we ought to be able to not really show our frustrations that much," Dwight Howard said. "A lot of the guys look at me and Kobe (Bryant) and they feed off us, so we have to do a better job of keeping our frustrations on the inside and just playing through it so our teammates won't get down on themselves.  I know [Bryant] was a little frustrated tonight. He wants to win just as bad as all of us do. We've just got to stay together, remember it's a process and stay focused."
It’s too early to jump off the Lakers bandwagon right now.  The season is far too long to definitively say anything about a team this early.  However, the Lakers clearly have some work to do if they want to reach their full potential with the superstar lineup that they have.
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