Dwight Howard and Omer Asik Starting Together Tonight

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Blog Photo - Dwight Howard and Omer Asik Starting Together Tonight
This is the lineup that many people have been waiting to see with the Houston Rockets. Omer Asik clearly established himself as a starter in the NBA last season after coming off the bench during his time in Chicago. However, with the arrival of Dwight Howard, the first question on everyone’s mind was, what’s going to happen to Omer Asik?
Asik, himself, wanted to be traded, but the Rockets didn’t want to get fifty cents on the dollar for him. Furthermore, with Howard’s injury problems, Asik was a valuable insurance piece to have, albeit a very expensive insurance piece. So, the major dilemma for head coach, Kevin McHale, was getting both bigs on the court at the same time; with Howard being the power forward in that lineup. 
And this past Sunday was the first time they experimented with the line-up. “It was different,” Howard said. “It’s something we have to get adjusted to. It takes time. We just can’t get frustrated with it. For me, it’s a new position. For him, it’s a little bit different, too. Both of us like to be in the paint, protect the paint, and one of us got to get out and protect the three now.”
Unfortunately, for Howard, his first test will come against the best stretch four in the history of the game, Dirk Nowitzki.
"It will be a really good test because Dirk is such a good spread four," McHale said. "Both Omer and Dwight haven't [defended the perimeter] that much. If that’s going to work, they’ll have to play against those type of guys. I want to look at that."
If the Howard and Asik experiment fails, and in all likelihood it will, look for Asik to move back to the bench and play fifteen minutes a game or get traded before the trade deadline for a stretch four like Ryan Anderson.
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