Dwight Howard fires back at Kobe Bryant and critics

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The Los Angeles Lakers have failed to build some consistency, while dealing with injuries to their key starters throughout this season. Dwight Howard is just one of those players, who was expected to have a major impact on the Los Angeles Lakers’ defense, returning from an offseason back injury that also kept him out early in the season. But Dwight Howard again took a trip down the same road, missing the last three games due to a torn labrum in his shoulder.
Frustrations have been rising within the team due to piling injury and inability to build momentum. The Los Angeles Lakers’ scoring-leader Dwight Howard spoke out for his teammates show some urgency as the franchise faces the dilemma of possibly missing the playoffs this year. Kobe Bryant even hinted that Dwight Howard should have played through that shoulder injury.
Although Dwight Howard returned to the Los Angeles Lakers’ lineup on Thursday, he didn’t take kindly to Kobe Bryant’s approach to his rehabilitation from the shoulder injury.
"That's his opinion; that's it," said Dwight Howard. "He's not a doctor. I'm not a doctor. That's his opinion."
The Los Angeles Lakers (23-26) have been blasting all furnaces, going 6-1 in the last seven games, Although the Los Angeles Lakers won their last three road games, Friday at Minnesota, Saturday at Detroit and Tuesday’s at Brooklyn, they’re starting to feel the pressure without their All-Star center. Additionally, an MRI of Pau Gasol’s plantar fascia on his right foot on Tuesday confirmed that the forward will be out for some significant time, leaving the Los Angeles Lakers lacking depth in size and short on health.
"We don't have time for (Howard's shoulder) to heal," Kobe Bryant said on Wednesday. "We need some urgency."
Dwight Howard indicated earlier that he won’t risk his career by putting himself back on court before the shoulder injury had healed. It’s a smart call considering Dwight Howard had a torn labrum in the same shoulder earlier this season, but the approach is never a popular with the fans.
Still, Dwight Howard maintained his stand before starting against the Boston Celtics on Thursday.
“I want to play. I mean, why wouldn't I want to play? But at the same time, this is my career, this is my future, this is my life,” said Dwight Howard. “I can't leave that up to anybody else because… If I go down, then what? I don't want to have another summer where I'm rehabbing and trying to get healthy again."
The 27-year-old Dwight Howard has appeared in 43 of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 49 games this season. Before Thursday night’s game, Dwight Howard was averaging 16.5 points and 11.9 rebounds, his lowest numbers through nine seasons in the league.
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