Dwight Howard’s Individual Goal is to Win DPOY

Dwight Howard’s individual goal is to win DPOY

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In an interview with Jason Friedman of Rockets.com, Dwight Howard gave an update on how he feels from a physical standpoint and some of his individual goals for the upcoming year. It was obvious that Howard was a shell of himself when he played for the Lakers last year, yet he was still able to put up some impressive numbers. This year, however, Howard feels like he did during his Orlando days.
“I’m so much better,” said Howard. “My body feels a lot better. The little aches and pains that I was having for the most part of last season are gone already. It’s going to continue to get better. I’m very excited. I’m excited about the possibilities of what I’ll be able to do this season because my body is so much healthier. It’s a big difference. Last year I couldn’t really move the way I’m used to moving until the end of the season. Some of my bounce is coming back. I’m so happy about that.”
In regards to Howard’s individual goals, he wants to be the enforcer in the middle that he has always been throughout his entire career. “I just want to win a championship and Defensive Player of the Year and get back on top.” Last year, players were able to exploit the paint a little bit more than usual with Howard’s back issues. Now that he is back to full health and doesn't have to carry the offensive load with James Harden on his team, he should return as the unanimous DPOY for 2013-2014 season.
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