Dwight Howard’s Joking annoyed Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace isn't a fan of Dwight Howard's jokes

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Blog Photo - Dwight Howard’s Joking Annoyed Metta World Peace
In a recent interview with Sports Zone, Metta World Peace talked about how his new teammate, Dwight Howard, took some getting used to.  Howard has always been known for his child-like demeanor, but for the majority of his career, he always played with players his age.  Now that Howard is on one of the oldest teams in the league, what was funny then, isn’t so funny now.
“When I first met Dwight in our first practices together and our first games in the regular season I was like, ‘he’s joking a little bit too much,’” Metta said.  “But then I decided not to judge people and I decided to work with my teammates — so as I got into more games with Dwight — I did see him working really hard, blocking shots, playing with a back injury, but he was still playing hard. So then I said, ‘you know what, we just have to work with what we have.’ But at first, it was a little bit frustrating.”
Shaq has always been known as one of Dwight Howard’s harshest critics, but the former Lakers center knew when it was time to be a comedian and when it was time to be serious.  If Howard doesn’t learn how to balance the two, he will always be viewed as a slacker and not someone that is serious about his craft.
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