Dwight Howard’s Letter to Orlando

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Blog Photo - Dwight Howard’s Letter to Orlando
In what may be intended as good gesture, but taken as fake sincerity, Dwight Howard has taken out a full ad in the Orlando Sentinel.  In the ad he says, “
“To play the game of basketball in the NBA is a blessing and to have had the opportunity to play before the Orlando fans for eight years was truly a privilege and an honor.  Words cannot express the love I have for Orlando. With your support we have done great things in this city from hanging banners to impacting our youth.  Although my career with the Magic has come to a close, my love for the city and the people that make it beautiful will never end."
Despite being drafted by the Orlando Magic and spending his first 8 years there, Dwight burned bridges with the Orlando Magic through his private and public requests for a trade.  So, it’s hard to say how receptive Magic fans will be from an ad that smells like a public relations stunt.  More importantly, will Magic fans applaud Dwight or boo Dwight when he comes back to Orlando?
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