Dwight "Superman" Howard Wins The 2008 Slam Dunk Contest, Saves The World

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This was definitely a pretty good dunk contest this year. We saw some great creativity from both Dwight Howard and Gerald Green.

Green's two best dunks were definitely the "Birthday Cake Dunk" - which was pretty damn ridiculous - and his barefoot through the legs dunk. I know the barefoot dunk didn't win over a lot of people in the stands, but that was a pretty impressive dunk to do barefoot - as Dr. J pointed out.

As for Howard, he just kept coming with great stuff all night. From the modified Andre Iguodala dunk (awesome), to the tap pass off the backboard (didn't even think that was possible), to the Superman dunk (ridiculous).

Although, the Superman dunk wasn't really a dunk. It was a desperate heave to throw the basketball into the net. But it worked, oh my did it ever work. And it was one of the cooler things I've seen in a long time, even though it wasn't really a dunk.

Here are a few of Howard's dunks direct from the broadcast. Let's hope Superman returns next year to defend his crown.

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Shouldn't Dwight Howard Be "The New Superman"? Since Shaq Is The Original Superman