Dwyane Wade Explains Why He Has Knee Problems

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Blog Photo - Dwyane Wade Explains Why He Has Knee Problems
Dwyane Wade has already cemented his legacy with his three rings and eleven years in the NBA. However, it appears that Wade has been slowing down as of late due to his knee problems. Wade drained his knee prior to Game 7 of the NBA Finals and was extremely inconsistent throughout the course of the NBA Finals.
The reason for that is because he had the same injury that Russell Westbrook had recently, but the surgeries were completely different. In 2002, when Wade hurt his knee, the surgeons removed his meniscus altogether, whereas today, they try to keep the meniscus at all costs.
My knee problems and the things I’ve dealt with started from that,” Wade said. “That was [11] years ago and technology was different and the way you approach things was different. When Westbrook had his injury, they kind of saved his meniscus. Mine was taken out, and that opens you up to having certain knee injuries and problems, so that's what I've had to deal with. We have a great training staff and we have great doctors. Whatever way you look at it, I'm going into my 11th season, there's lots of guys who haven't made it this far."
Of course, recuperation is different for everyone. Even Westbrook needs to undergo another surgery to get rid of the swelling that may have been caused from one of the stitches. But even though Westbrook may be out in the short term, in the long term, he may not have the same problems as Wade; something Wade would have benefited from had he gotten his surgery today, instead of ten years ago.
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