ESPN Celebrates Michael Jordan Turning 50

Michael Jordan Turns 50: An In-depth ESPN Interview with the Greatest of All-Time

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Blog Photo - ESPN Celebrates Michael Jordan Turning 50
Michael Jordan hits the game-winner over Byron Russell in perhaps his most iconic moment.

It’s difficult to image that Michael Jordan is turning 50-years-old.
Sometimes, it only feels like yesterday that Michael was ending his career with that iconic game-winning shot over Byron Russell. And, other times—especially when players like LeBron James are tearing up the league—it feels like a life-time ago.
Michael Jordan is turning 50.
Where did the time go? The young kids, who grew up idolizing him with posters on their walls and by shooting buzzer-beaters in an empty driveway, now have children of their own—children that only have Youtube memories of Jordan in his prime.
Over the weekend, during the All-Star festivities, the NBA will undoubtedly celebrate Jordan, and replay endless clips of his greatest hits. But, those dusty old videos will not be enough to capture the true greatness of Michael Jordan. Perhaps nothing truly can.

Blog Photo - ESPN Celebrates Michael Jordan Turning 50
You can read Wright Thompson's engaging article on Michael Jordan here.

For those NBA fan looking to reminisce about Jordan, ESPN recently published an engaging and engrossing piece about the NBA legend. The article, written by senior ESPN writer Wright Thompson, takes an in-depth look at Jordan’s daily life just a few weeks shy of his birthday milestone.
In the piece Jordan reveals his desire to still play, his thoughts on the comparisons between himself and this new generation of players, and his love for “Westerns”. The article is full of engaging Jordan moments, and is a must-read for NBA fans. There is a fascinating section in the article where Jordan plays—and dominates—Bobcats guard Michael Kidd-gilchrist in a one-on-one game. Jordan’s brother says in the piece that Michael never made it to his office the next day.
Michael Jordan is turning 50.

The thought of it makes me want to pull out a pair of old gym shorts and start taking a few buzzer-beaters in an empty driveway. 

You can find the piece 'Michael Jordan has not left the building' by Wright Thompson on
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