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ESPN Made One Big Mistake This Afternoon

8/22/08 in Olympics, Summer   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Considering how sensitive ESPN is to making mistakes (because Disney will bring the wrath down on them), and how many people probably see a headline before it goes live, this is a pretty big slip. But it's a hilariously awesome slip.

Early this afternoon, ESPN's main story was about how the Redeem Team might have a few problems that Spain can exploit in the gold medal game. The headline was classic beyond belief.

Yes, when you've got the Olympics happening in China, it's probably best not to use the term "chink" in a headline.

Obviously, ESPN took this headline down pretty quickly, but now it can live forever, thanks to the magic of the Web.

And whatever you do, Team USA, don't let those, um, dents in your armor, screw you up on Sunday.

[HT: Deadspin]
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8/23/08   |   snbslugger

Oh man, that is just priceless.

8/22/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Boski93 wrote:
The Spanish Basketball Team does not see a problem with the headline

The Spanish team LOVED this headline.

8/22/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

The Spanish Basketball Team does not see a problem with the headline

8/22/08   |   raelenteen

Wow! Good job getting a screen shot of this before Walt Disney used his Orwellian powers from the grave to extinguish all record that this ever happened. I can see how someone might overlook this (it's more forgivable than the Spanish basketball team's ad) but it is still unacceptable.