ESPN Displays Male Enhancement Penis Ad On Their Homepage

Those Crazy Guys At ESPN Have Done It Again. Want To Surprise Her? That'll Certainly Do The Trick.

3/20/09 in Media   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

ESPN has certainly outdone itself this time. If you were looking for a little March Madness coverage today, you might have gotten what you were looking for... with a generous helping of male enhancement on the side, if you so desire.

I really shouldn't go into the whole "surprise her" angle, but if you really want my advice on how to surprise your lady, I say just go for the shocker. It works every time.

ESPN's ads suddenly on par with that of [The Sports Hernia]
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3/20/09   |   Raider_Dave   |   47 respect

Damn that look on that chick's face could scare anyone's turtle back in its' shell!  Or hypnotize you...

3/20/09   |   coolkraft2003   |   6 respect

sad attempt at bawdy humor

3/20/09   |   Brendanc8504

imagine how all of the guys feel who espn just told them last week to get a vesectemy so they could watch march madness. Now that all of the snipping and stitching is done they come out with this!?


3/20/09   |   Brendanc8504

drn0iswatr wrote:

that hand looks retired. Its worked so hard that now it looks more like a peace sign

3/20/09   |   Raider_Dave   |   47 respect

My prediction for most derogatory and/or high school humor post/comments of the year!

3/20/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect


3/20/09   |   Brendanc8504