ESPN Homepage Gets Blasted By Venture Beat [Blog Patrol]

ESPN's New Homepage Hasn't Gone Over Well With Everyone [Blog Patrol]

1/6/09 in Media   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Someone is not too happy with ESPN's new homepage design. [Venture Beat]

Milton Bradley vs. Milton Bradley [Rumors and Rants]

These BCS games have kind of sucked, haven't they? [No Guts, No Glory]

Hilarious old video of an NBA ref belittling Chucky Atkins. [NESW Sports]

The announcer who called "The Play" is retiring. [Deadspin]

Probably the best ad you'll ever see. [Consumerist]
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1/6/09   |   Beat_LA415

From why I've heard Joe Starkey, "the guy who called THE PLAY", is going to continue to call Cal games but will no longer be calling the 49er games. 

1/6/09   |   djclemson   |   4 respect

I was on last night, and you can actually turn off the auto-play of the ad in the MyESPN preferences.  I just looked at the page and it is not as bad as the screen in the article.

1/6/09   |   kantwistaye   |   4214 respect

"My wife would like that."  That truly is the greatest ad ever.