ESPN, No Longer the Leader in Breaking News

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For quite some time, ESPN has been the know-all, tell-all in sports media. Disney created a beast and it grew to unfathomable heights, essentially monopolizing sports news, media and entertainment. They even host the annual Sports Awards show, The ESPY's. Chris Berman, The Swami, the dude who no one wants to hear during a live sporting event, is one of the pioneer ESPN employees and has since worn out his welcome to the public. ESPN's SportsCenter has essentially become a show in place of a sports news channel. 

Blog Photo - ESPN, No Longer the Leader in Breaking NewsIn today's social media age, sports breaking news hits the internet in waves, and ESPN has been left in the dust. There are multiple sports media outlets other than ESPN who employ excellence in reporting and therefore, have been credited with breaking major news in trades, waiver claims, free-agent signings, etc. In the digital age, ESPN has not the talent and persona to compete in the breaking news category. They constantly update their site at a slower pace than most reliable columnists around the world. 

Everyone notices ESPN's strategy. Hire former athletes for analysis on their respective sports and it will boost ratings. However, they either fail to recognize, or just don't care, that by placing an individual with inferior intellect in the spotlight, it hurts their reputation as well as those speaking into the camera (Magic Johnson, Jalen Rose, Bobby Valentine to name a few). We can only hope and pray that ESPN is never given exclusive rights to broadcast the NFL each and every Sunday as they will almost assuredly allow Berman to call the games and a less than stellar staff to analyze it. Monday Night Football is quite enough. (Exception: Jon Gruden is phenomenal)

ESPN has taken a step backward whereas they were founded upon the principles as a reputable sports media company. They broke news stories. They made sure the overwhelming American population was well-informed without sugar coating their stories or cracking painfully idiotic jokes. Those days are long gone. They have continued to prove that their quest for ratings far exceeds their passion for sports. They have fallen behind in breaking stories online as they usually follow smaller, but more reputable, sports columnists in breaking news via twitter. 

AOL's Fanhouse attempted to become a more trusted sports media outlet a few years back, but lacked the funds and the general interest of our nation for them switch allegiance, which is unfortunate because trusted columnists such as Kevin Blackistone, Jay Marrioti (before he went to prison) formed an impressive unit that was sure to rival the weaker links within ESPN's ranks. Without the necessary cable channel to allow for the easy transition for most sports enthusiasts, Fanhouse had no realistic chance. 

It is time for another financially-backed sports media outlet to take the reins. NBC launched their Sports Network in time for the Olympics this summer.  We can only hope for the return of Sports News to replace the ESPN Sports Charades Show...and, please, NBA on NBC. 
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I couldn't agree anymore with this article. I strongly believe that ESPN is the worst thing that ever happened to sports. First off, they bring on these so-called "experts"  to provide their simple-minded, rated PG commentary, that  usually ends with kissing the ass of Lebron James, Tim Teebow,  Brett Favre, anyone on the Yankees, Celtics, Red Sox, or even Mets, Rex Ryan, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, in no particular order. 
They over-hype every single story by like making The Jets look like the only team in the NFL worth talking about. In addition, they try and make the NBA seem so much better than it is, ignoring the simple fact that it is the worst run of all the major sports.
If you watch enough Sportscenter, you would think hockey is a minor league sport for second-class citizens(probably having a lot to do with the fact that it's the only professional sport that it does not have any television rights too). 
The thing that drives me the most crazy goes back to these "experts". They begin trying to break down each and every team, as if each of these former athletes that never even accomplished anything(I know there are exceptions) are an expert of each and every team in their respective sport. All their analysis proves to me is that they read some headlines about the major stories that might have involved the team in the past year. I'm glad to hear they at least hire people that can read. If I want to know the real scoop on a team, I want to listen to that team's beat writer, the guy whose sole focus is to cover every minute of the team's activities and knows all the coaches, players and other local media members that also cover the team. That is where I get the authentic and honest breakdown of a team and it's real controversies and issues(as opposed to the commonly created rumors found on ESPN headlines)
But with all the thorns, there are always some roses. There have certainly been some great things about ESPN, when it's not reporting false stories that are "according to sources". My list includes E60, Outside The Lines, any of the 30 for 30 Specials or ESPN Originals, ESPN Classic, the Scorecenter App, their college football coverage, Mike and Mike, the former Sunday Night Crew of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, and The Not Top Ten.

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njwest9 wrote:
I hope we see ESPN's television dominance decline sometime soon, its near-monopoly on broadcasting (and the massive influence it has on broadcasting distribution outside of its networks). They are cheesy and class-less and rarely ever offer a perspective with more than two dimensions.

NBA on NBC with Carl Malone as an announcer, please!!!

Don't you mean 'Karl Malone'?  And wouldn't that be a copy of ESPN?  Using a former athlete with an 'inferior intellect' to provide insight into their sport?

GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!  NBC Sports sucks right now!!  Honestly, I'd rather listen to Cris Carter and Damien Woody analyze the NFL than Michelle Beadle (but I'll admit that I would rather watch Beadle).  Rome is Burning > Rome.  Keith Olberman Sports Center Anchor > Keith Olberman MSNBC Ancor.  There's a reason that ESPN is #1, and that's because they're the best out there.  And I for 1 am glad that they don't let anonymous d-bags to chime in with their stupid f##king opinions via twitter and facebook.  And it's funny the article mentioned Jay Marriotti and Kevin Blackistone as being superior to ESPN writers, BECAUSE THE BOTH WORK(ED) FOR ESPN!!!

I get that ESPN isn't perfect, but what is?  I don't think that the Bob Costas Channel, better known as NBC Sports, will suceed if they present a format like MSNBC or CNN because people don't want to watch stuffy, pretentious a$$holes that didn't even play HS football break down the NFL.  You guys see campy, sugar coated joking; I see guys that love their job having a good time doing well at their jobs.

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it has a near-monopoly*** haha i never proofread 

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I hope we see ESPN's television dominance decline sometime soon, its near-monopoly on broadcasting (and the massive influence it has on broadcasting distribution outside of its networks). They are cheesy and class-less and rarely ever offer a perspective with more than two dimensions.

NBA on NBC with Carl Malone as an announcer, please!!!