ESPN Radio Heads are Idiots

1/4/09 in NCAAF   |   Ripx7   |   90 respect

Anybody listen to John Kincade on ESPN Radio on Sunday Morning?  I don't recall the time, cause I hadn't had my coffee yet, but there was the usual We need a NCAA FF Tourny crap, and be happy with what the BCS has given us . . . . blah blah blah, nothing new or to get excited about.  Then . . . . (After at least one cup of coffee) he launches into the NFL the best team doesn't always win defense of the Colts.  Give me a break, the NFL has the Post Season Tournement, which maroons like him pontificate about for hours, and then he lets the Colts off with the Best Team didn't win arguement.

If the best team isn't going to win a Tournement, what's the purpose.  (We all remember NC State over Houston - Well at least those of old enough).  Tournements are fun, they'll ring the cash register, but they won't solve the arguements about whose the best, only whose the best on any given day.

Utah might not be USC on everynight, but that's what's great about NCAA in the current format, we can discuss and argue the Oregon St. common opponent route for hours and not come to a conclusion, but in the process drink volumes of Lager which is the true meaning of life anyway.

John Kincade is an idiot, and I won't listen to him anymore.
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1/9/09   |   jeopardytempest

Not nearly enough people have considered such things!!!

I wandered over here because it looked to me like you won the Plasma contest... and if so, based upon your thoughts above, I can't think of anyone more deserving.  Enjoy!