ESPY show features Jon Hamm making fun of Dwight Howard

ESPN holds awards show, makes fun of their biggest moneymakers in the process

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Blog Photo - ESPY show features Jon Hamm making fun of Dwight HowardWhen it comes to awards shows, I'm one of the biggest haters on the planet. Whether it's the Emmys, the Oscars, or the ESPYs, I want no part of them. I'm just not interested in seeing a bunch of self-important morons pat themselves on the back after they've already been honored for the same thing.

For example: Why do the Heat need to win an award for being the best team? Isn't that what the Larry O'Brien trophy is for? Is it really necessary to pit them against the USA gymnastics team and try to compare the two, as if it's even possible?

Is it necessary to have a separate award for best player in various sports, when the sports leagues already have such an award?

At any rate, Jon Hamm apparently stole the show, according to people who didn't realize there are hundreds of other channels and forced themselves to watch the ESPYs. If you missed it, and you're into that sort of thing, here's the Mad Men star making fun of everything from Dwight Howard to Johnny Depp. Enjoy.

Tip o' the hat to SI for the video
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ESPN sucks