Each Lakers' stance on Kobe's in-game tweets

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What a happy, golden family these Lakers are. Because this is a very, very important subject, let's sum up each ot the Lakers' actual stances on Kobe's in-game tweets, and other important topics.

On the tweets...

Steve Nash: "I don't care, to each their own."

Dwight Howard: "I don't check my Twitter during the game, so I don't know."

Kobe Bryant himself: "Focus should be on the team, not on my insight." 

Mike D'Antoni, as sarcastically as possible: "It's great to have that commentary."

and now, without further adieu, 

Metta World Peace: "Kobe should tweet for game 2 the whole time, every possession. Critique us, criticize us, chew us out. I'll tweet him back. I'll direct message him,"

on if it's a distraction...

"I'm a distraction. I'm much more of a distraction than Kobe." 

On Kobe's twitter prowess...

"He's a great tweeter." 

On D'Antoni's jab at Kobe, calling him a 'fan'...

"That was funny. "That was good. I liked that. I read that. I saw that. That was funny. That was a great joke. Mike D'Antoni is slick, boy. That was awesome. That was awesome. That was awesome. I loved that. Kobe was awesome tweeting out at coach's decisions on the court and then coach messaged him back through the media. That was great. It's all about that. The media has got something to talk about."

One of these things is not like the others... 

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