Eagles QB Nick Foles cleared to hit the field again

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOn Tuesday Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was deemed fit by the medical staff to hit the field again but limited to practice for now. The Eagles will face the Oakland Raiders on Sunday but the starting quarterback position has not been finalized yet. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur declined to name any starter QB for now.
Jumping any player directly into action is a dangerous move, as seen in many cases this season. In case that Foles proves himself fit in practice he will definitely be given the starting position. Foles said that he felt good returning and had recovered well.
The Eagles offense has been sketchy since his departure and could definitely benefit from his return. But that depends on how he plays, as his performance is known to be somewhat unreliable.
When the Eagles went up against Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 13, he was dominating the field and seemed Vick would become a second choice soon. But the very next week he had his worst career game against the Cowboys and during the third quarter left the field owing to a concussion.
But he wasn’t one to shy away mince words when addressing his failures. He accepted his mediocre gameplay and denied that he was injured during the game before sustaining a concussion.
"I just did not play well," Foles said. "There's no (other) reason. I just did not play well. But I'm going to get better because of it,” he said.
Learning from mistakes is something the Eagles need all their players to do, as they have little room to spare for mishaps. Coach Chip Kelly said that he was fully aware that his quarterback position was a problem. If Foles plays, he will have a chance to show everyone that the Cowboys match was just one of those days instead of being a regular performance. The next match will definitely be a defining moment if he plays and Foles was actually looking forward for a chance to redeem himself.
"I feel very confident. Same confidence I had after Tampa game, after the wins. ... You do feel emotions, you're a human, you play bad, and it creeps that you let everybody down,” the Eagles quarterback said. “But then you've got to get back to it. I can't mope, I can't do (that). You've got to study the film, man up, and get after it."
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