Eagles Will Continue to Soar

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No division in NFL is as wild as the NFC East. It seems as though every year this division is up for grabs on the last game. The last two champions, the Giants and Redskins, both beat the Cowboys on the last regular season game of the year. This year, to the dismay of the Cowboys, I believe that they are going to fail to close out the last game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles are currently a confident bunch. They are currently riding a 4 game win streak. Most importantly, their last win against the Cardinals was their least likely to win.  So, just how good are the Eagles? And why are they deserving of the NFC East Title?

To start, the Eagles have a dynamic offense. Currently they are the only team in the NFL to truly utilize the “Read-Option” on every play. This has worked to success for a number of reasons. Above all, the ability to enforce a new found physicality with Lesean McCoy has enabled the Eagles offensive line to enforce their will upon defensive linemen and linebackers. Chip Kelley was able to add value to this unit with the selection of Lane Johnson in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

The excellent play of the offensive line has allowed Nick Foles to mature into a deadly pocket passer. Foles has faith in his offensive line to allow him time to survey the field and make intelligent passing decisions. Having said that, Foles is also recognizing the significance of balance in the offense. The Eagles maintain a fairly even pass to run ratio. This shows the Chip Kelly has put an imprint on Foles. Now Foles is an extension of the head coach on the field; minus a couple of pounds.

Foles’ play has certainly been a nice surprise, but lets not forget that Chip Kelly was expected to implement a quality offense with Michael Vick. What is truly remarkable has been the Eagles defense. In recent weeks it has shown some grit. In the fourth quarter of both the Redskins and Cardinals games, the Eagles did not break. They maintained their composure and rose to occasion. Yes, they do not hold a great overall ranking
in comparison to the NFL, but they seem to have a clutch attribute.

Overall, in the end, the combination of a clutch defense with a versatile offense will ultimately stun the Cowboys on the last game of this season. Tony Romo, Cowboys quarterback, has proven himself to not be clutch in December. People tend to become wooed by the Cowboys outstanding November records. The pressure will loom, and eventually Romo and the Cowboys will falter in defeat in Dallas on week 17. 
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